Skyrocket SEO, tap into user insights and drive brand engagement with embedded self-updating local content

Ever wonder which restaurants, local music, theatre, or activities your customers prefer?

Wyndow will give you the power of analytics and insight into travelers' specific preferences, all the while sharing on-brand experiences at the right moment, delivered entirely through your website, app or device.

The world’s first real-time local experience platform

Improve the number and quality of interactions with travelers through your website, app, wifi, email and social media presence, using real-time local event data
Curate on-brand in-destination experiences to tell the story of your customer's journey.
Keep travelers thinking about your brand throughout their stay, and have your wi-fi direct them to your website or app to discover local music, wine tastings, restaurants, theater, tours, sports and other activities

Engage guests & grow direct bookings

...with curated neighborhood content.

Interactive movie-like interface

Automatic curation

Fresh, real-time content

15 minute website integration

Gain an edge in the industry

Increase engagement

Users spend over 3x more time with your recommended content

Boost Direct Bookings

Improve SEO every day, and keep more customers on your site

Cut Costs

Leverage insights to run more effective marketing campaigns

"After partnering with Wyndow, we've seen guest engagement with our local content increase almost seven times what it was before."

-Jennifer P.
Corporate Director of Revenue

"If we don't feature updated, relevant local content, guests will go to the hotel down the street that does."

-Jeff W.

"Wyndow was a game changer for us. Instead of spending time updating our calendar events, our team can focus on growing the business."

-Dean Y.
Director of Sales & Marketing

"Direct booking growth means providing the best online experience possible on our website. Wyndow gave us a huge advantage with its local content."

-Carrie L.
Corporate VP of Sales & Marketing

Simple, straightforward product pricing

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Small Single Locations from
For smaller boutique hotels who want an easy, automatic solution for engaging local content
Medium-Sized Locations from
Great for medium-sized hotels who want to deliver a customized, on-brand experience to their guests
for pricing
Perfect for large organizations that want to drive engagement, SEO, loyalty and branding at enterprise scale

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